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Life's journey takes us many places – it can be tough both physically and spiritually.  Sometimes we are high, at the top of the mountain.  Other times we are wondering through the valley.  Do you have a Game Plan to conquer life's highs and defeat its lows?

Have you ever wondered what God revealed through His Word regarding:
Your mindset?
Your thoughts?
Achieving success?

Disciple Game Plan is your answer.  It uses an interactive approach to bring God's word to life, giving you a better life.  Disciple Game Plan takes the principles from Dr. Kevin Elko's best seller, “The Pep Talk,” and teams them with the Word of God to give you the ways to win in the game of life –  personally, professionally and spiritually. The program will serve as more than mere “rah-rah” motivation.  It will provide you the ground work to change your way of thinking and your life for the better.  More importantly serve as a boost to your Christian life by renewing your zeal to be of service to our Lord. Disciple Game Plan will challenge the way you think, and motivate you to become a better Christian, spouse, parent, and friend.

“The Playbook offers each one of us solutions to the problems of everyday living. Scripture combined with common sense decisions provide hope for the day.”

-Jim Roberts, Minister


Life can be tough, both physically and spiritually. Sometimes we are on high at the top of the mountain. Other times we are lower, wondering in the valley. In either case a plan, a Game Plan, can help! That is why Disciple Game Plan was developed!


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